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Augmented Reality
Greeting cards

Live on Google and App stores from April 15.
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About App

OHO cards is an augmented reality based physical greeting card. You can either completely personalize these cards or choose from one of our themes.

You can add an image and video using our OHO cards app and the cards will be shipped within 48 hours to any part of the globe. Alternatively you can purchase bundle packs of null cards from us and add a video at a later stage and use the cards when needed.


Our Features


Augmented reality

Augmented reality enabled greeting cards.Upload your video & recipient can watch them in AR.


Mohawk paper

We use fine Mohawk paper which is used for letterpress printers.These papers stand time and generations.


Password protected

You can choose to password protect your cards in AR mode. Secret code will be sent to both sender and receiver


Emotion Capture

We capture and share the reaction of the recipient through a front camera (with their permission) when they scan your card.


48 hours

48 hours or less.Thats the time we usually take to ship your cards from Chennai , India.


1000+ themes

We are building a designer community from various countries and continents to provide you a terrific ensemble of themes and photos

How it Works ?

Send a card

There are two types of OHO cards.Both the cards can be completely personalized from you own images to videos or you can choose from our set of themes.

a) Single card
Once you personalize the card with your video the card will be shipped.

b) Bundle pack
These are ready made cards which will be shipped immediately. After receiving the card you can add videos using OHO cards app.


Received a card ?

Use OHO cards app to scan your card
a) Single card If you have received a single card, then use the OHO cards app and see the message in AR mode in the card.
b) Bundle pack If you have received a bundle pack, then you have to add your videos to it. Scan every card using OHO cards app and add your video. Then you can either ship those cards or give it personally to your loved ones.